Who are they?

When we talk about psychopaths, especially in America, it conjures the image of mentally ill patients or really disturbed criminals as depicted in Hollywood movies or serious criminal cases. Instead, they are found in families and businesses in every strata of society. Many of them seem to be perfectly normal. They are hard to recognize, unless you know this type of personality disorder well: as a specialized therapist or as a past victim. There is no way to identify them unless you have to deal with them directly for a long period of time. It takes sometime years to unmask them or dare to leave them because they are excellent manipulators and seducers. They alternate fake closeness and disconnection. Their influences nevertheless is destructive. They enjoy position of power. They are found in the police, in politic, in justice, in management... at home and at work.


We could say that psychopathy is a sickness of the soul. Something must have happened in their childhood. They have totally disconnected themselves from their souls in order probably to protect themselves from suffering. 

In their childhood, these types of people may have been overstressed, raised without boundaries, adulated, victims of serious traumas, or suffered from lack or misplaced love. There are rarely diagnoses for psychopathy. Generally, a psychopath do not consult a therapist unless he wants to use the therapy against his victims which is common if the therapist is not very familiar with this type of personality. Generally the victim is the one looking for some help to keep her/his sanity and recover from the destruction of her identity.

Often, they are brilliant people with a lot of charisma - they can seduce the most recalcitrant, beautiful girls. 70% are men and 30% are women. More and more women now shut down their feelings as men do, to succeed in the business world. Their style of perversion is a little bit different depending on their social status or the family situation. The percentage of women is unfortunately increasing. Men or women who are their victims have a harder time to be recognized as victim in some culture. In France, we named them Narcissist pervert and they can get 5 years in prison for psychological abuse. Of course it still very difficult to prove because they often operate in the privacy of home or office. 

When someone try to communicate with them, they do not hear them. 
They can not express their inner feelings in return. This is very important to know.  No one can pretend to communicate perfectly but most people after a fight are able talk and expressed their feel, what happened and why. 


A relationship with them is a "ONE WAY RELATIONSHIP". 
You can try everything to open them up. Nothing will work. You will bang your head on a wall until you die or leave. They will put you down, make your feel guilty for something you haven't done, ignore you or neglect an important situation that need to be addressed immediately. They will control money and use your money or your family money.

They function like a robot. They are emotionally disconnected, unavailable.  It drives their partner or children's nuts or despaired. Creating confusion is one of their talent. They fool their own family members, co-workers or friends. They manage to destroy their victim's image very successfully. Their partner is responsible of the dysfunction of the relationships not them. As long as you are agree with them, you do what they want, you are fine. If you are shocked by their behaviors and express it, you will be quickly annihilatedPartners or Children may self sabotage themselves to cope with the insanity of the situation - Over eating, over drinking, smoking, taking legal or illegal drugs.

His face is often without expression with a lost and empty look. 
He can even us the death of some one to get self pity. He know how to exploit everyone and every situation to his advantage. He is nourished by the vital energy of others. The suffering of others in some ways make him feel loved. If you are not doing well He feels good. If you are doing good, he feels bad.
He is a vampire, but when the victim finds out, it is too late, they are already under total control. 
Our competitive society creates this category of people. They are the result of extreme individualistic education, the vulgarizing of violence and the disconnection between family members. In short - the lack of self- love and love in our society .
“Psychopaths & Associates” are a plague of our society that perpetrates destructive patterns in families as well as businesses. It is the root of the chaos in our time.
It is interesting to see all the vampires and zombies movies that have been released, reflect a reality:  Many “psychopaths & Associates” are among our society.  They cannot love. They simply drain your energy until you get sick, you die, or you escape. They are the master of exploitation and delusion.
A french writer recently wrote a book named" Are we governed by psychopaths?" 
The politician who rather than serving the people who voted for him, uses his position of power for his own interest and without any guilt, is exploiting the citizens. He is a psychopath.
The husband who take advantage of his wife because she is financial dependent on him when she is taking care of the kids at home is exploiting her.  Both are vampires, free of guilt, respect and love. 

At this point of our understanding and knowledge, we don’t know how to heal this type of people. We can only help people who are their victims, so they can take action to make some changes in their life. The cause of this societal pathology is the lack of appropriate love. Unmask them and detach from them as fast as possible may neutralize their devastating behaviors.
Each individual must look closely within himself to see if he perpetrates suffering or allow someone to make them suffer. Even if we are a loving person, we must love oneself first. No one should allow anyone to exploit them physically or emotionally. 
“Psychopath and Associates” can not look within themselves. They only can use their victim for their own interest, killing them softly physically or psychologically.  
To prevent this epidemic of our times is crucial. Victims must be informed and take action to free themselves from this type of  destructive relationship. Learn self-respect and self- love. “Psychopaths and Associates” have to be stopped to rule our world or the world. Usually “Psychopaths and Associates“ choose very loving and caring partners. It is about time that loving people take their power back so the world can experience a real shift for positive changes.

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