Recognizing them

  1. They have a huge need for power or influence on you.
  2. They are very successful and controlling.
  3. They are very charming.
  4. They do not look at you in the eyes.
  5. Their look is lost like if there were looking at the deads
  6. They are very good actors to seduce you and use you.
  7. They exploit your weaknesses to manipulate you and obtain what they want.
  8. They deform reality, exaggerate facts, or divert the law for their own interests.
  9. They are calculating and manipulative.
  10. They isolate you from your family and your friends.
  11. They make decision without your consents.
  12. They are incapable of looking within themselves.
  13. They can not express any empathy.
  14. They humiliate you in public or subtly
  15. They are expert of sarcasm, ridicule and contempt
  16. They alternate kindness and nastiness to keep you hooked. The stick and the carrot technique.
  17. They are secretive, liar while showing blameless facade.
  18. They create confusion in you by remaining vague, blackmailing you, menacing you, psychologically or physically abusing you.
  19. They are not responsible of anything
  20. They are incapable of listening to your feelings or needs and to respect them.
  21. They are jealous
  22. They accuse you of things you haven’t done to destroy your identity.
  23. They divide to reign using other people against each other for their own interest even turning your own children against each others or against you.
  24. They play the victim.
  25. They distort the truth so other people believe they are victims of their victim.
  26. They over talk to attract attention or in the contrary they ignore you by being cold and distant, refusing to communicate.
  27. Dialogue with them is impossible.
  28. They often refuse or say it is not the right time to talk
  29. They make you do things you do not want to do and then blame you if the outcome is a disaster.
  30. They make you feel guilty but do not feel any guilt.
  31. Their incoherence drives you nuts and they use it to prove - you are nut.
  32. They have no sense of gratitude
  33. They are generous only if it gives them a sense of power.
  34. They are offended if you ask for understanding.
  35. They put you down to feel better.
  36. They feel loved when you suffer.
  37. They control money and the children
  38. They convince your family and friend circle that something is wrong with you.
  39. They use sex to blackmail you. Reward/domination/ punition/privation.
  40. They are usually good lovers.
  41. They play with multiple partners, banking accounts.
  42. They use your money your family money, your vital energy.
  43. They drag anyone close to them in a destructive patterns.
  44. They choose loving, talented or vulnerable partner
  45. They push you to make a mistake.
  46. It is all about them
  47. They are vampires

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