Find Out if you are Dealing a Psychopath or Psychopathic Behavior

"Psychopaths and Associates" could be called self-absorbed, toxic, evil people, pervert narcissists, destructive manipulators, egocentrics, self-centered, emotionally disconnected individualists. Their pathology varies in degree and style.

Many people at home and at work are victims of "Psychopaths and Associates" as described in this blog. They suffer silently from their partner or their manager's evil behaviors. 

It takes time for them to know who they are dealing with. The controlling partners are experts in manipulation, who alternate kindness and meanness. Their victims often hope their partner will change. They put up with them until they reach the limits of what they can bear. They may have a nervous breakdown or kill themselves
. Many multiple suicides in some companies are linked to psychopathic management. 
The victims are confronted with an insane behavior that upsets their internal balance.
The victims may believe that they can help their persecutor to change, to respect them or learn to love but they can't. 

"Psychopaths and Associates" are cut off from their soul, their being. They function pretty well in society. They have good appearance. From an outside perspective, they seem to be perfectly normal even charming. A relationship with this type of person is very destructive. It takes sometimes years to figure out, we are under their influence. The longer we stay with them, the more they damage our identity and have control over us. 

One reason, we stay too long with them is that we do not know who they really are until we are in the destruction phase.  We may know perfectly well something is wrong but do not have sufficient knowledge of this type of pathology. See the 3 phases of a one way relationship.

Here one very simple way to know, if you are in 

"A Destructive One Way Relationship
Ask the question- How are you communicating with each other ?

You should leave your partner if he or she:
  • Refuses to communicate with you 
  • Is not able to express his/her feelings
  • Cannot listen to you with empathy and love
  • Refuses to understand you or to get some help to understand you
  • Blames on you instead of finding solution to resolve conflicts.
  • Discredits your opinions, ideas, talents, work, your friends and family
  • Convinces others that he/she is the one being victimized by you
  • Distorts the truth and lies.
Expressing your feelings doesn't mean that saying everything that crosses  your mind. Expressing your feelings means honestly expressing what is alive within you at the moment
Listening with an open heart and expressing honestly your feelings are essential ingredients to keep a relationships alive. It shows that you care and you want to reach out to your partner. True love includes enjoying the presence of the other and rejoicing in their personal growth and fulfillment.
You do not need to be perfect. You can make mistakes. 
Everyone carries some emotional baggage that pollutes their relationships. Relationships trigger our wounds and give us an opportunity to transcend them. It is only possible if there is a mutual willingness to grow together. Growth is only possible if we are truly honest with ourselves and our partner.

"Psychopaths and Associates 

As a child you learned that to be loved and accepted in your family or your culture,  you had to please others. You developed a personality that fulfilled the expectations of your environment. Instead of finding your own self you slowly lost yourself. Progressively you lost your life vitality. 
  • Observe the quality of communication in your relationships and your ability to respect yourself.
  • Remember Love is COMMUNICATION - COM-UNI -ACTION. 

If your partner or your manager can not communicate with you in a respectful way despite your efforts, find a way to make some changes in your life. 

  • Get some help as soon as possible to know what needs are not met. 

For psychopaths and associates, you do not exist as a person, you are only a useful object.
Conflicts, misunderstandings are normal in a relationships. For them, they use them against you to manipulate or destroy you.
In a normal relationship, even after an argument , we can still care for eachother. Self-inquiry, honesty and communication are the keys to an healthy relationship.

  •  If  you are struggling to be heard, RUN AWAY.

Remember everyone is different. Everyone carry some wounds and everyone can change only if there are open to love and truth.