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                           Upon your receipt you will be contacted to book an appointment with Sigolène          
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During your session, you receive one or more of the following:

A safe space to be heard with empathetic nurturing
Getting respect for your journey
Gain clarity and support
Be in touch with the reality
Validate your feelings
Empower yourself for positive change
Find solutions and resources for your current situation
Reboost your energy
Envision new possibilities for your future

About Sigolène McCarthy

She is an expert of family issues and dealing with Narcissistic pervert also called sociopath or psychopath. (Parenting, Communication issues, teenagers, Divorce, psychological abuse and the legal system)
Sigolène McCarthy is an International Speaker and Facilitator of Personal Growth.

Her program "Change4Now" is designed for people who want to release what is blocking their personal path.
Sigolène McCarthy has found that releasing blockages will return one to live more harmoniously with oneself and others.

She has been practicing Family Constellation from the works of Innovative Psychotherapists Bert Hellinger and Berthold Ulsamer. Both are International Trauma and Constellation Experts.

She also uses Emotional Release Techniques, Basic Result System, Biography Work, Art Therapy and Communication skills.

Her work with individuals and groups blends with the Community she founded called Change4Now.

Her beliefs are that you heal first on the individual level, then on the family level, then on the organizational level, then on the local and global level.

She has conducted private sessions and group workshops in the US, France and Canada since 1996.

Specialties: - Resolving issue related to Self-love, Couple, Celibacy, Reconciliation, Separation, Lost, , Family, Parenting, Health, Life and Death, Self- esteem, Immigration, Emotion and Communication, Business with awareness.

- Success in Life.
- Success in Love and in Business

- Promoting Local and Global businesses that truly serve the people

- Connecting Network

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